Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today Is THE LAST Day!

Well, the last day for my Cyber Monday Sale that is!

 Head on over to my store to snag 75% OFF EVERYTHING! By TONIGHT @ Midnight CST!

 After this sale I will only be offering discounts to my Facebook Fans. This is not permanent, but I definitely wont be able to do much towards the end of the year since I am officially the Maid of Honor in my Sister's Wedding! [Super Excited!!]. I am being swamped with tons of homework, projects, and my college finals are just around the corner! [YIKES!] So probably needless to say, but I am so stressed and freaking out right now.

 I also know that right now is not the time to try and push for followers on my blog, but I do know it will benefit those who do since it's where I promote my sales, among other fun things. [like hops and freebies!] I hope to be able to really fix my blog up during Christmas break, but with the wedding, and three family Christmas gatherings we'll just have to see how it all works out. :) I am sincerely blessed to have the few followers [those I can see on my GFC in the "Followers" section to the right] that I have, and also those following me on Twitter. I truly appreciate each and every one of you all, and there is always one who will have a special place in my heart [not that I don't love you ALL, you're the best!], the lady who got me started in Blogger, Mrs. Kelley Grant herself.

 Phew, okay, enough mushy stuff... Have fun with the end of Cyber Monday Sales!

 Have a great rest of the week, and I'll see you in 3 Days to announce the winner of the LipApeel Giveaway!  (If you haven't entered yet, you still have 2 Days left!)


Friday, November 16, 2012

New Product for the Holidays!

Good Morning Everyone!  Just wanted to announce that I added the "Sugar & Spice Instant Hand Manicure Set" to my Spa-tastic! store today!  They make a wonderful gift for any special lady in your life, and it has the added bonus of helping protect their hands from the winter weather! [a Win, Win!]

And the best part? Everything in my store is still on sale for 60% Off!

So what was an already spicy deal at $50 it's now at only $30! 
[if you live here locally in Corpus Christi, TX you also get FREE SHIPPING, otherwise it's $3 for anywhere in the US]

Sugar & Spice Manicure Set

Sugar & Spice Instant Hand Manicure
Sugar & Spice Extreme Repair Creme

I currently only have 3 in stock, so if you like it, grab it Quick!

I have very happily participated in The Grant Life's

the Grant life
Go check out the fun and join the party!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweaters! [Copy Cat Closet]

Hey There! So this is my first ever link up for Copy Cat Closet by Natalia over at Ma Nouvelle Mode (Which I first found through my bestie, Kelley @The Grant Life) I was really excited to start with this one in particular, because I had recently found one of my old sweaters that I thought was surely lost forever!
Also, I want to give credit back to Kelley, since I just used her same layout for this weeks challenge description below. [Thanks Kelley!!]

Natalia gave us this amazing inspiration:
And her tips for wearing sweaters:
  • Make sure your layers aren't too thick. There's nothing worse than looking like you're 20 pounds heavier when in reality you've lost a few pounds. Try to keep the underneath layers thin and fitted.
  • If you're wearing a chunky, big sweater, try to pair it with a fitted bottom. This way you don't look like you just strolled out of your house in your PJs. Which I hear is generally frowned upon...
  • Skinny jeans go really well with big chunky sweaters! If you haven't tried them, branch out! You'll find they can work for all body types!
  • You can go with an open sweater, like I did, or a thinner sweater too. The under shirt wouldn't necessarily have to be fitted. But remember, if you're loose on top, keep it tight on bottom! Did that sound a little dirty? sorry...
  • Want some more ideas? Check out my Cozy Fall Fashion/Chunky Sweaters board on Pinterest. Yes, I made one just for you. I'm kinda sweet like that. 

Now here's what I tried out for the challenge this week (Both the sweater and hair)

I know these aren't the greatest photos, but I've never been good at doing the "Full Body" here's my outfit picture! LOL! ...Anyways, this was my run at it on Monday, in the sweater I thought I lost! YAY!
[Sorry for the long delay, I started this post at around 6:30 then got a surprise call from my sister online! Yay, Bachelorette Party Planning!] ... but back to business, up next I have the outfit I wore today featuring this sweater, along with a complementing bow clip from Kelley's Loveables!

So I think these photos came out a tad better, but that's also partly due to the fact that I found the editor before I inserted these two, HAH! [and like my expression shows's still "eh, not sure about this"]

Had a great time playing around with one of my many sweaters [mostly a lot of gifts, but I really like sweaters] I was just so happy we got a cold front so I could wear some!  I know the colors are a bit Christmas-y, but even if they are I still claim my artistic side "They're complimentary colors"!

Thanks for being patient with my post, and hope y'all had a Blast!

~ Jenn

the Grant life

Friday, November 9, 2012

From The Grant Life: Blogger Tips Recap (My Favorite Kind of Post! - Thanks Kelley!)

This post is one I'm sharing from my best friend Kelley over at The Grant Life! I've always turned to her for help with my blog since she introduced me to blogger (and I had fallen in love with hers!) So start clicking away, and Enjoy her wonderful collection by her and her blogger friends! (They're all such wonderful ladies!)

Love Your BC Spa Girl,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tips From The Grant Life ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Grant Life: Blogger Tips Recap: I have had so much fun sharing bloggy tips with yall over the past few months!  Today Im going to share a recap of all the tips.. just in ...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My First Giveaway!

So I'm finally getting my giveaway going, and it's perfect for the cold, dry season I love so much...Fall/Winter (because, honestly we don't really have "Fall" in South Texas - or real winters for that matter, LOL!) Anywho, I'm giving away one of my best products for time of year when your lips need extra care and pampering, BeautiControl's Skinlogics LipApeel! That's $22+Tax ... For Free! The LipApeel is a two-part system, it has a white exfoliating creme (line peel) on the bottom, and the top contains a hydrating and soothing lip balm to protect your new pretty lips!
Hope the pictures work out well enough tonight, working from my tablet today so it's not the best at that.

LipApeel Front Showing labelLipApeel Disassembled showing both parts

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Please if there are any questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask! Best Wishes on the giveaway!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Grant Life: Getting Healthy - Im Challenging Myself

The Grant Life: Getting Healthy - Im Challenging Myself: Yall may have noticed a few things around here.  I havent been doing Menu Monday lately and Ive started to hint at some changes in my life...
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